We thank all of our donors for their generous support. With their help, we have been able to commission new works for the ensemble, perform at the 2013 Jazz Education Network Conference, and record our first professional (demo) recording. If you are interested in making a contribution to Doublers Collective, please contact Monica Shriver at

“Piccolo” Donors (minimum donation of $10)
Rob Kaplan and Charlene Brown
Mike Pfister *
Jarrod Barger
Doron Orenstein – Best Saxophone Website Ever
Ben Roos
Martha Lopez

“Flute” Donors (minimum donation of $25)
Wade Eisinger
Karin Hastings
Peter Eichen
Barbie Baugh
Lauren Hal-Lew
Chad Hernandez – Cole
Trent Kynaston
Chris Fregozo
John Cowan *
Sharon Berk *
Conrad Miszuk
Katey Street

“Clarinet” Donors (minimum donation of $50)
Jeff Emerich
Joe and Mary Shaughnessy *
Sharon Berk
Kerry Vesper – Vesper Sculpture & Design
Eric Wells
Mike Franklin
Roger Aldridge – Composer
Madeleine O’Callaghan
Dallin Crump
Eva Ramey
Jeanie Carroll
Josh Lang

“Soprano Sax” Donors (minimum donation of $100)
Pat Daudlin
Kathy Shriver *
Dean and Cindy Pickett *
Agave Music – Woodwind and Brass Instrument Repair *
Jeffrey Robinson
Jane O’Brien *
Bruce Collier
Michael Warner
Dean Barker
Alan Payne

“Alto Sax” Donors (minimum donation of $250)
Petey and Laura Brown

“Bass Clarinet” Donors (minimum donation of $500)

“Tenor Sax” Donors (minimum donation of $750)

“Bari Sax” Donors (minimum donation of $1000)

“Bass Sax” Donors (minimum donation of $1500)

“Doubler” Donors (minimum donation of $2000)

Anonymous Amount Donors
Leigh K
Brian Reese *
Vanessa Mendez
Eileen Morgan
Adam Candee
Bill Freese

Friends who have helped us:
Chrystal Watson – designed our logo
Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer – TWiP (Train Wreck in Progress)
Milas Yoes – Director of Jazz Studies @ Phoenix College

* Indicates multiple donations

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