Finding Your Voice on Multiple Instruments Clinic

Finding Your Voice on Multiple Instruments

Techniques and Strategies for Playing and Improvising on More Than One Instrument
by Monica Shriver and Mike Crotty

Monica Shriver (flutes, clarinets, saxophones, and bassoon) and Mike Crotty (flutes, clarinet, saxophones, and trumpet/flugelhorn) have been performing and giving clinics together for over a decade. With significant experience performing and teaching multiple instruments to all skill levels, Monica and Mike will share their personal approaches for playing and improvising on more than one instrument. They will cover the physical and mental switches that take place between the different instruments in an effective, approachable, and exciting way. They will also perform pieces that represent the challenges faced by doublers in a jazz ensemble. During the clinic, the following topics will be discussed:

Finding Your Voice

Cover how they found their individual voices within the myriad of colors and sounds.

Why Play More Than One Instrument?

Address the financial, musical and educational reasons that musicians would want or need to learn to double. Discuss how learning instruments from other families (brass, woodwinds, or rhythm) can help improve your skills and awareness as a musician and educator.

How to Practice Doubling and Finding a Practice Routine that Works

Discuss the effective use of practice time and provide suggestions on how to get the most out of the time available.

Suggestions and Tips for Performance

Provide ways to make performing on multiple instruments less stressful and more successful.


Talk about the nuts and bolts of doubling on flutes, clarinets, saxophones, brass and double reeds, including cost, taking lessons, set-ups, and more.

For Educators: How to Encourage Your Students to Double

Discuss ways that directors and ensemble leaders – at all levels – can encourage students to double, providing tools and advice to guarantee student success.

Examples, Resources and Recommendations

Provide a list of books, websites, blogs and social media for reference, advice and further study.

NOTE: Clinics may be tailored to specific needs, time frames, education level, etc.

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